“Mother’s Street”

On the morning of December 3, 2017, 65 volunteers swept through the Frankford Transportation Center and its surrounding areas in Philadelphia, PA. It was a full force effort to spread the love of God the Mother to the northeast region of Philadelphia. A mother pays close attention to every detail while tidying up her home for her family. So, following the example of Heavenly Mother, Church of God members decided to carry out the “Mother’s Street” cleanup movement, spreading motherly love to the city of brotherly love.

“Mother’s Street” is a global environmental protection initiative, which occurred over a two-week period, from November 19 to December 3. Cleanups were held in 175 countries where the World Mission Society Church of God is located. In fact, Church of God volunteers actively cleaned up local areas at a staggering total of 6,000 different regions worldwide. Additionally, as a result, they met the goal of cleaning just over 25,000 miles, which is about the circumference of the earth.

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Volunteers excitedly overflowed the streets in their signature yellow shirts, ready to brighten the day of Philadelphia residents. With shovels, rakes and garbage bags, they got to work and immediately transformed the streets into a clean and welcoming environment. Though it was hard work, the volunteers hope their neighbors feel a sense of health and happiness through this effort.

They covered 7 miles total, clearing trash and unsafe debris from the streets and sidewalks. Furthermore, a total 47 bags of trash were collected by the volunteers. Also, several locals stopped to offer their praises and appreciation to the volunteers for taking initiative to make an impact.

As Frankford Transportation Center is a popular transportation hub in the city, it naturally becomes a place where much trash and waste accumulates. Not to mention, thousands of people use the center to travel to their jobs and schools every day. Therefore, church members took it upon themselves to make these travels a brighter and more enjoyable experience for Philadelphians. To learn how you can participate in a Church of God volunteer service, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

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