About Us

The World Mission Society Church of God lives by and preaches the New Covenant. Following the example of Christ, the members express love for humanity and welcome everyone to come to the Spirit and the Bride—God the Father and God the Mother—to receive salvation.

The Church of God believes in Elohim God according to the teachings of the Bible.

The Church of God, founded by the Second Coming Christ Ahnsahnghong in 1964 in the Republic of Korea, takes its name from the Bible (1Co 1:2; Gal 1:13). This signifies it as the “church established by God” and the “church whose owner is God.” With God’s blessing, it has grown to over 3.5 million members in almost 7,500 churches across 175 countries in just sixty years. The Church actively conducts missionary and volunteer efforts globally, aiming to share the good news of salvation and happiness with everyone.

Church of God in the World Today


About the Church of God

Christ Ahnsahnghong,
Founder of the Church of God

History shows that Jesus Christ’s original teachings were abolished in the Dark Ages. Jesus came a second time with a new name, Christ Ahnsahnghong, and reinstated all the truths of the Early Church. He established the Church of God, which is dedicated to observing the New Covenant Feasts of God and following the example of Christ.

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Elohim God: God the Father and God the Mother

The Church of God distinctly believes in God the Father and God the Mother. The original Hebrew text of the Bible uses the term Elohim for God, which directly translates to the plural “Gods,” indicating that God has always been more than one. Throughout the Bible, from the first page to the last, there is clear testimony about the existence of God the Mother.

Our Bible-Based Beliefs 

God desires His people to understand Him and His plan of salvation (Hos 6:3; 1Ti 2:4). The Church of God diligently imparts Bible teachings, grounding all its beliefs, practices, and understanding of Christ in the Scriptures.

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Members of the Church of God, spanning all age groups, unite in expressing the love of God through volunteer activities. They actively organize and participate in events aimed at environmental protection, community engagement, and responding to disasters.

Our Mission

In Jesus’ final commission to His disciples, He instructed them to go to all nations and teach everything He commanded (Mt 28:18). As such, members of the Church of God preach the New Covenant to people worldwide, urging them to come to the Spirit and the Bride who are God the Father and God the Mother—the Saviors in the age of the Holy Spirit (Rev 22:17).

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The Church of God shows appreciation and gratitude to family members and loved ones by creating opportunities for shared experiences and memories through special events and activities.