The Church of God in Philadelphia

World Mission Society Church of God in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It’s the city of brotherly love, perfect for the Church of God. In Philadelphia, the Church of God has been dedicated to serving neighbors by hosting Bible seminars, family events and smile campaigns. It has also served the community through its unceasing volunteer efforts living up to the city’s nickname, spreading love.

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Winter Storm Stella Emergency Response

Emergency response team members from the Church of God were called upon by State Representative Jared Solomon to aid residents in Northeast Philly. They helped the elderly and disabled with shoveling and ice removal after Winter Storm Stella hit the city.

Castor Avenue Cleanup

Volunteers improved the public safety of Philadelphia streets by removing hazardous waste from Castor Ave and District 202 neighborhoods. State Representative Jared Solomon joined the cleanup effort.

Temple University Campus Cleanup

Young adult volunteers and students held a campus cleanup day at Temple University. The cleanup was part of a worldwide environmental sustainability movement initiated by the Church of God.