Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Drive

As Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, it devastated the country, leaving almost all 3.4 million citizens without electric power. Homes and roads have been flooded and destroyed. And many families have been disconnected from each other due to hazardous conditions and telephone service failures.

As a faith-based nonprofit organization, the World Mission Society Church of God strives to spread the love of Christ through beautiful deeds. Seeing such devastation, Church of God members decided to take action. From October 3 through October 25, the Church of God hosted a disaster relief drive for Puerto Rico along the entire East Coast. The members were able to bring collection boxes to more than 300 organizations, including workplaces, universities, and military bases.

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Churches of God in Pennsylvania

The churches of God in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia both took part in the relief efforts and collected well over 4,000 items. Donated items included ready-to-eat foods, hygiene products and medicine.

On October 15, the final day of the drive, the Church held a luncheon to thank those who donated. Guests enjoyed authentic Puerto Rican food.

At the Church of God in Philadelphia, more than 50 volunteers gathered and spent their Sunday packing the thousands of donated items in labeled boxes.

“Words cannot describe how appreciative we are for all the work you are doing,” said Rick, a Puerto Rican native from Ponce.

The members of the Church of God in Puerto Rico have been making a great difference in their communities. Members in Aguadilla, Bayamon, Caguas, Carolina, and Ponce are all continually taking part in relief efforts by assisting neighbors, going door-to-door and cleaning out flooded homes.

The collected donations will be personally taken to Puerto Rico and members on the island will personally hand deliver the goods to the people in most need.

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The Church of God in Philadelphia held a Disaster Relief Drive to aid those in need in Puerto Rico.