Frequently Asked Questions

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The Cross

Q: Why doesn’t the WMSCOG use the cross?
A: Historically, the cross was used as a pagan symbol in ancient religions and an execution device in the time of Jesus.

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Did Ahnsahnghong Write Books?

Q: Did Ahnsahnghong Write Books?
A: According to the Bible, when the Second Coming of Christ appears as the Holy Spirit, he will re-teach everything Jesus taught at his first coming.

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The WMSCOG and God the Mother

Q: Why Does the WMSCOG believe in God the Mother? A: It is natural that life comes from a mother. This principle applies not only to humans but extends to animals, birds, fish, plants, and all living entities and it aligns with God’s will both physically and spiritually.

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The WMSCOG and Zion

Q: Why is the WMSCOG called Zion?
A: The WMSCOG is referred to as Zion according to the Bible because it is the church where God’s feasts are kept.

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Is There an Afterlife?

Q: Is there an afterlife?
A: For centuries, humans have pondered the mysteries of the afterlife. While there are many theories, the Bible asserts a clear understanding of the afterlife, supported by fulfilled prophecies.

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Saved By Faith

Q: Can I be saved by faith alone?
A:Many Christians believe that having faith alone is enough to enter Heaven, reasoning God recognizes their intentions and good efforts. While good deeds and having a sincere heart toward Christ are important, it’s crucial to know the way to salvation through the Bible.

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