Around 35 ASEZ university student volunteers hosted a West Philadelphia park cleanup in partnership with District 3 Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell. The event was part of their Reduce Crime Together initiative. It’s also one step towards accomplishing Sustainable Development Goal #16, which aims to achieve “peace, justice and strong institutions” by 2030.  

ASEZ West Philadelphia Park Cleanup in Time for Summer

The ASEZ volunteers arrived at the cleanup location Sunday morning with their brooms, shovels, trash bags, tools, and bright smiles that brought light to the cloudy day. Filled with laughs, they worked hard and constantly motivated each other throughout the event. In their minds was their goal to make the neighborhood a safer and more pleasant place for residents to enjoy during the summer.

In under three hours, volunteers collected a total of 71 bags of waste along with other debris, adding up to about 4,300 pounds. They were proud of the outcome and felt it was a great step towards beautifying the area.

“I figured that because of the rain, you would certainly reschedule the event. Volunteers never work in the rain, but you still came out in full force and you really meant business. I have never seen a transformation like this done so quickly. Your energy and passion is amazing!” stated Councilwoman Blackwell after the event.

The Key to Global Peace

ASEZ is a group of passionate university student volunteers from the Church of God. They conduct social service, awareness-raising, victim relief and environmental protection activities throughout the world. At the core of their volunteer services is Heavenly Mother’s selfless love, which they strongly believe is the key to global peace.  

Philadelphia ASEZ volunteers will also continue to carry out activities that can ensure the safety and sustainability of their community. By working together with community leaders, ASEZ hopes to encourage its neighbors to participate in maintaining a clean and pleasing environment.

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