ASEZ DIY Tote Bags at the University of Pittsburgh

ASEZ DIY Reusable Bag Event at the University of Pittsburgh

ASEZ students go at it again, this time by tackling the “E” in their SAVE movement—Environmental protection. Single-use plastic has a large effect on the health of the ecosystem. In turn, ASEZ students from the University of Pittsburgh hosted a DIY reusable bag event on September 16, 2019. Their goal was to promote recycling and sustainable practices among their peers.

The Goal: Create an Environmentally Healthier Oakland Through DIY Reusable Bags 

ASEZ students invited fellow University of Pittsburgh students to join the event. They explained the overall impact that waste has on the environment and on the social cohesion of communities. Many are aware of the environmental consequences of litter. Debris, such as plastic bags, along roadways and streets block storm drains, get trapped in trees, and could inevitably end up in oceans and other natural bodies of water. However, not many know that litter also has an indirect effect on the people living in the environment. The ASEZ DIY Reusable Bag event served as a way to protect the environment and also create a safer Oakland.

With this in mind, Pitt students eagerly gathered in the O’Hara student center. Each student was given their own bag to decorate and keep. Designs varied widely and included the ASEZ logo, UN SDGs, or even a detailed painting of the Savannah. Above all, everyone was excited to make a difference in the community. They committed to continuing the efforts in their day-to-day lives and join future events.

For some students, this was their first time participating in an ASEZ event. Estella, one of the guests shared, “This is the only religious group I’ve ever heard of that cares about environmental protection … and to link it to reducing crime is amazing.”

Join the Efforts to SAVE the Earth from A to Z

ASEZ university students in over 175 countries serve the well-being of the environment and global neighbors through their SAVE movement. They also actively carry out their Reduce Crime Together initiative by removing visible signs of disorder, such as debris and graffiti, from communities all throughout the world. All this to create a happier, safer and more sustainable tomorrow—and fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

ASEZ Pitt students are, therefore, proud that they were not only able to raise awareness about the broader consequences of litter but also provide a fun, and sustainable, way to solve it. They hope students will continue to use their DIY reusable bags and think about their plastic use. And they will host more events like this one on Pitt’s campus for everyone to join the efforts to SAVE the Earth from A to Z. Visit the Activities page to see more events in the Pittsburgh area!

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  1. This was such a fun event that encouraged me to be more mindful of the environment. ASEZ is leading the way for college students to make a difference on their campus and build good habits for their future lives as well.

  2. Awesome event! ASEZ is spreading positivity and awareness to being more environmentally friendly! Thanks for encouraging college campus, looks so fun!

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