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2018 Mega Blood Drive for the Passover

On April 8, the 2018 Mega Blood Drive for the Passover came to World Mission Society Church of God in Jenkintown. Volunteers streamed to the Church of God to donate blood, which was collected by the New Jersey Blood Council.

A United States citizen needs blood every two seconds. Additionally, over 41,000 blood donations are needed every day. Over 50 volunteers from the Church of God offered their donations to help donate blood to the projected 4.5 million Americans who will need a blood transfusion this year. The blood drive was a part of a widespread blood drive campaign among all the churches of God located on the East Coast of the United States.

According to the Bible, the Church of God believes that Jesus gave His blood through the Passover to safe the lives of all people. In the same way, members of the Church of God made efforts to follow the example of Christ by donating their own blood for the sake of others. As a result, many lives could be saved physically. However, that was not all; at the same time, the members raised awareness about the Passover which gives spiritual life.

The blood drive began at 9 a.m. when the first successful donation of blood was made. All throughout the day, Church of God members, along with their friends, family and co-workers, filled the donation tables and gave the most precious gift that a human being can give—the gift of life. By the conclusion of the blood drive at 5 p.m., around 60 total pints of blood were successfully donated, enabling 180 lives to potentially be saved.

According to experts, only 10% of the United States population donates blood each year, although 38% are eligible. Moreover, blood cannot be artificially made like many other vitamins and minerals that help aid deficiencies in the body. Hence, every single pint of donated blood is truly precious. If you are interested in participating in any of the Church of God’s future blood drives, or any other activities, send a message through our contact form.

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  1. This event was amazing. I didn’t know the demand for blood donations were so great in America. It was really inspiring to see so many volunteers come out, all with the mind to save a life. From the moment I walked into the church I could feel so much love in the air and in the eyes of all the volunteers. I can’t wait for the next blood drive and will definitely invite many friends and family to the next one.

  2. I had so much fun at this blood drive, which is kind of funny to say as I usually don’t associate having blood drawn with fun. But the atmosphere the whole time was so friendly and relaxing that I couldn’t help but enjoy donating. Definitely a good group of people

  3. Amazing work for those that give their blood to help others! I think this is an amazing way to resemble God who gave his own blood through the Passover! Great event.

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