On Sunday, March 6, the Church of God in Philadelphia hosted a neighborhood car wash. “It’s a great time to have a car wash because the weather is nice. Also, at this time of year, most people want to get their cars washed, so we are hosting this car wash to serve the community,” said one church member. Altogether, 35 Church of God members volunteered to participate in the event.

For the success of the event, the volunteers divided themselves into two groups – the welcoming team and the washing team. The welcoming team welcomed and greeted guests as they arrived. They warmly greeted everyone, offered snacks and hot coffee, and took care of them while they waited for the volunteers to finish washing their cars. Meanwhile, the washing team washed and cleaned cars. They prepared a hose pipe, buckets, clean rags, and polishing cloths and car shampoo to wash the cars.

In addition to allowing the volunteers to wash their cars, many of the guests toured the Church. The members showed them the sanctuary, fellowship room, kitchen, kid’s room, dining room, as well as the study rooms. Furthermore, guests stayed to watch the church introduction videos to learn more about the international presence of the Church of God and see the various types of volunteer services carried out on a global scale. Guests also participated in Bible studies to learn more about the teachings of the Church of God: the biblical Sabbath on Saturday, the New Covenant Passover, and the existence of God the Mother.

At the end of the day, “The members of the community expressed their sincere thanks for the neighborhood car wash. Some even said they wanted to come back again to visit us. We feel that we fulfilled our mission today. We are just always glad to help and serve the community in any we can,” said one church member.

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