The Church of God in Philadelphia gave Mother’s Day a creative twist by hosting a Mother’s Day painting event. Mother’s Day is always a special day to express gratitude and appreciation to our mothers. Especially, since nowadays our schedules are so hectic and we often forget to call our mothers, this was a great way to bring mothers together with their children.

In order to have a memorable day with their mothers, what better way than learning how to paint together? A leisure activity such as painting, allows mothers and their children to spend quality time while relaxing their minds. So, it was the perfect bonding experience for mothers and children.

With paint, canvases and brushes in hand, everyone was ready to learn how to paint their visual subject—a butterfly. However, before actually painting, the learners were given more insight into their art subject through a presentation. They learned how the transformation of a butterfly correlates to the spiritual transformation of Christians through the celebration of the New Covenant Passover. After receiving some spiritual inspiration, participants began to let their vision materialize on the canvas. Once they drafted and sketched out their butterfly designs, they mixed the paint and added their own creative touch to their soon to be masterpiece.

Alongside their mothers, sons and daughters helped them mix paint and share ideas to create their work of art. Afterwards, the event finished with a beautifully prepared dinner. The mothers called the event a great learning experience as they discovered their own hidden, artistic abilities. Mothers joyfully left the event with their newly created pieces of art, and a memory of time well-spent with their loving children.

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