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Volunteering at the 2016 American Heart Association Annual Heart Walk

It was a day of fun and laughter at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom as the members of the Church of God in Philadelphia volunteered to serve 1,500 walkers at the American Heart Association’s annual Heart Walk held on September 18, 2016.

The Heart Walk is the American Heart Association’s premier event, and together with the Church of God, it became a very positive and memorable day. The day started with some rain and overcast but that didn’t stop the walkers or the Church of God members from participating enthusiastically and supporting the cause. The purpose of the walk is to raise awareness and funds for heart research, which the Church of God chose to support in celebration of receiving the Queens Award for Volunteer Service.

Members scattered throughout the park to cheer, encourage, and bring smiles to the faces of all the walkers who participated. Chairman John Simon had much to say about the event, and even more to say about the Church of God members that volunteered, stating, “I’ve been involved in six heart walks. Every year something touches me as a human being. You guys made the difference this year, your enthusiasm, your spirit, there’s just not enough of this in the world.”

From the initial registration throughout the entire park, the Church of God volunteers spread their energy, elevating the mood of everyone who passed by—many of whom were survivors of heart failure or stroke.

Volunteers also offered their help in the kid’s zone, where children of all ages lined up to get their faces painted and shoot some hoops. The event concluded with a group picture of the Church of God along side the leaders and staff that worked together to ensure that the event was a success.

“I’m not kidding, you guys made the difference in the walk this year.” John repeated, as he continued to express how great it was working with the Church of God this year, and looking forward to another opportunity for the American Heart Association to work together with the Church of God again in the future.

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  1. I was fortunate enough to participate in the 2016 American Heart Association Annual Heart Walk with the Church of God. It felt great knowing that I was able to give back for a good cause with such a wonderful group of people. The world needs more people like the Church of God.
    The members cheered and gave encouragement to the walkers despite the pouring down rain. Seeing the smiles on the families faces who supported their love ones as well as those who survived from heart disease as we cheered them on brought tears to my eyes. This day was truly a day I will never forget and I look forward to joining the Church of God in all future volunteer events.

  2. I am very thankful that the WMS Church of God is able to make this kind of impact on the lives of people in the Pennsylvania area. The article seems to express great satisfaction with the efforts that the church of God has made. This kind of selfless action and care for others is definitely what is needed to bring much joy into this area!

  3. Wow this article is touching. It’s awesome how the church decided to celebrate receiving the Queen’s Award by doing even more volunteer work. Hopefully I will be able to join other events in the future. You guys make volunteer work look like so much fun!

  4. Thanks to the American Heart Association for allowing us to be a part of such a great cause. I’m glad we were able to cheer on and support all the walkers, truly an exciting day with a lot of smiling faces!

  5. Although the forecast for the day wasn’t great, the turnout was wonderful. I really appreciate being able to participate in these volunteer events. They are truly life changing. During the event, it felt like everyone had the same mind and was united. It really is fulfilling being able to be part of these events. I hope to be able to volunteer next time.

  6. A very gracious event. The spirits of all the walkers and volunteers were in one accord to bring forth a beautiful outcome. I am thankful to have been able to serve on the water front. I was inspired by the participants’ effort to never give on the cause because it is worth it.

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